Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Choose Teak Patio Furniture

Teak wood is the best wood that can take all kinds of harsh weather --let it be snow, rain, salty air, and the Sun. A low maintenance makes it the most popular of the wood above any other wood.
Not only it is an added beauty on your courtyard to give that extra edge. It adds a perfect style statement for any kind of backyard--stone, wood, or totally green with plants and trees--you will feel a difference in your backyard by adding just a piece let apart a whole dining or lounging sets.

We all know how prices of homes are sky rocketing, and each view of the house make it or mar the value of that area. Now is the time to renovate and create that dull patio and garden into a place of abundance opportunity to attract a buyer. To create a welcome new idea for the truly active buyer and resident you need to include great merchandise with trendy furniture or with exclusive wood furniture.

With so many choices people do get confused with what is best for the outdoor furniture in their backyard. And more over, with new trends and extremely new designs one gets more confused into what to get which enhances the home decor. But whenever you are looking around for options consider these few things of having an outdoor patio furniture:
  • How much Sun do you get in your backyard? Well to consider some choices, like iron which people feel bent upon as it is considered solid plus long lasting-- it gets heated up and when in the evening or any time of the day you want to sit you can't avoid burning yourself and rusting and repainting is normal. Now teak is something remains warm to touch even when you touch it in high temperatures. You don't have to worry about teak getting swelled up in rain as it loves rain, and even oceanic water and salty air too. It is only the sun that bleaches it and it changes color from warm golden to silvery gray patina, a gorgeous look of antique. Well teak changing and stopping it to change is an entirely different and detailed topic and we will discuss this in the our other blog.
  • Secondly, how much rain do you get, well have snow included too. As said above, teak loves rain as compared to any other material you will pick. Rusting, paint, natural wicker cracking, breaking, swelling, all kinds of problems keep on making your outdoor furniture more of a pain to storage, than enjoying it outdoors. Teak has high teak oil and silica content making it  resistant to water, giving it the known edge from leaving it wherever in rain water you can with no repercussions. We have another blog dedicated to the content of teak wood and its grades and why teak wood is expensive.
  • Thirdly, how much you want to spend on -- your budget for outdoor furniture. Well you can get what ever from cheap to highly expensive stuff but when you calculate the overall cost of maintenance over the years and the age of the furniture you will definitely agree with us that teak is the best investment over all other products. Having any other furniture will have an approximately age of 5 - 10 years and with maintenance of not only storage hassle, painting, scrapping and lot more, you end up purchasing a new set every now and then. This is not only making a big hole in your budget but it will be a total waste of money with environmental consequences. The landfill will having to another thing to add to it. Plus when you are choosing non-sustainable material you are adding the woes to the problem Earth is facing now. Give everything a break and chose for environmentally safe, and highly sustainable forest teak wood that comes from PT Perhutani maintains the official teak plantations on the Indonesian island of Java. For that you need to do little research and get the best teak wood. Do read our blog why teak is expensive and why there is still teak wood that is cheaper than anything.
It's nice to know the product well before investing in it and it should be a wise decision that just a rat race. Give time and thought, with lots of research not only about wood but also where you are buying and from whom. Get to the root of the product as you now read all the ingredients of food you bring home.

The idea of having teak patio furniture creates a classic but trendy expose` of style with comfort. Teak patio furniture blends in the natural surroundings and by adding colorful pillows and throws with patterns and designs, surely spice up the environment. Create your niche where your mind can relax or where you cherish those little moments with your family to be maintenance free and one that makes it easier to enjoy too.

Having a teak deep seating will give a feel of lounging and relaxation, and if you are party person you can add teak bar collection with sturdy bar chairs or by adding a teak dining set not only shows you being a popular host but will be a welcome sign of a great get together.
 And end of summer is the great time to get deals on the teak patio furniture and it is surely the great time to furnish your outdoor living space. Get going!!!

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