Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teak Patio Furniture Evokes Elegance And Supplies Durability

If you are interested in purchasing durable, life-long outdoor furniture, then you can rest assured that any type of wood furniture will meet your needs. Wooden furniture is preferred due to its natural ability to blend with outdoor surroundings, and it also provides a nice, organized look.

The area in which you live and your area's weather play a deciding factor in the durability of the outdoor furniture you wish to purchase. The lifespan of a piece of furniture varies depending on the furniture's makeup and the elements in which it is exposed. For example, oak wood does not handle moisture nearly as well teak wood does, due to the fact that teak wood emits natural oils that are conducive to durability.

Outdoor furniture that withstands the grueling conditions of normal outside wear and tear is known to cost more than regular, everyday furniture, but these products, on average, last a lifetime, leaving the cost-to-life expectancy ratio more than fair and balanced. The durability and long lifetime of furniture definitely outweighs the costs, and some would argue that its increased price justifies its reputation as the best furniture to buy. The most preferred wood furniture, and also the most durable, is McGillteak outdoor furniture.

A fact not known by many about teak wood is that the secret of its durability is in its production of natural oils which resists bugs and rot. The teak wood's natural oils also resist decay and splintering, have a life expectancy of 75 years, and require little to no maintenance.

Something that proves very beneficial for teak wood is the purchasing of teak oils to help protect its natural honey color and prevent its aging. All wood ages, and teak outdoor furniture is no exception. Teak patio furniture has an original color of a nice and rich honey color, and, with age, starts to turn a greyish hue-but not if you buy teak oils!

There is only one downside to using teak oils: the frequency of application. With reapplication required every three months, teak wood is generally low maintenance, and some users don't mind the short times between applications, being that it's required to keep the wood's beautiful, rich color. Many people find that the graying color of aging teak lends an elegant and distinguished feel to the wood that evokes its own, unique beauty, like aged wine.

The different styles of teak are as follows: teak sofas, teak chairs , teak benches, teak swings, teak tables, teak chaise lounges, teak deep seating, and even teak umbrellas that are made with teak handles. However, as with any type of furniture, more specifically teak chairs and teak tables, the quality of the furniture in which you are interested plays a big part.

Good, quality teak patio furniture is manufactured with one-hundred percent, genuine kiln dried teak, meaning no other woods are included in the finish and makeup of the furniture. If you prefer the best teak, then search for furniture pieces that have been imported from Indonesia. This is due to the fact that teak wood originates from this area.

You can find teak patio furniture, which includes elegant patio setups such as teak chair with teak tables, teak benches with teak deep seating, teak benches with teak chairs, or simply comfortable teak deep seating at many stores. Home and garden stores, in particular, are the perfect place to start. Keep in mind that teak will be a bit more expensive, but, again, the benefits will outweigh the price.

It is relatively easy to go online and find cheap teak manufacturers. It is best to compare all of your options and research the company you choose. In some cases, reading reviews from previous customers will help you decide if the company has a good track record, and as long as you keep the above-mentioned information in mind, you will find the perfect wooden teak outdoor furniture for your patio today!

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